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Properties for sale : Character homes - Cher

For sale character house Aubigny-sur-Nère

In the Centre Val de Loire-, the quintessential Solognot-style master house. Located near Aubigny...
Price: 1 265 000 €
Living space: 297 m²
Ground size: 28.84 ha
Nb of rooms: 6
Nb of bedrooms: 4
Reference: 18969CL

For sale Property tourism Coust

Located on the borders of Cher and Allier department and on the edge of Troncais forest. The main...
Price: 598 000 €
Living space: 347 m²
Ground size: 22 ha
Nb of rooms: 10
Nb of bedrooms: 5
Reference: 19034CL

For sale mansion Bourges

In the middle of a clearing arranged in a wood of 7ha, a large restored mansion, and outbuildings...
Price: 670 000 €
Living space: 330 m²
Ground size: 7.16 ha
Nb of rooms: 13
Nb of bedrooms: 11
Reference: 148vm

For sale mansion Nançay

In Sologne, on the edge of the forest, very beautiful property, in a hunting area with a mansion...
Price: 700 000 €
Living space: 390 m²
Ground size: 39.07 ha
Nb of rooms: 12
Nb of bedrooms: 10
Reference: 143vm

For sale mansion Bourges

In a historic town, 30 minutes from Bourges, this family-owned mansion offers beautiful volumes....
Price: 325 000 €
Living space: 300 m²
Ground size: 6 589 m²
Nb of rooms: 10
Nb of bedrooms: 6
Reference: 71vm

For sale character house Sancerre

In the heart of the vineyards of the Sancerre, for sale "La Fistiinière", XVIIth century farmhouse...
Price: 550 000 €
Living space: 650 m²
Ground size: 7 791 m²
Nb of rooms: 12
Nb of bedrooms: 8
Reference: 19061CL

For sale mansion Bourges

At the gates of Sologne, this exceptional property is composed of a 300m² charming house and barns...
Price: 780 000 €
Living space: 1 000 m²
Ground size: 6 250 m²
Nb of rooms: 12
Nb of bedrooms: 6
Reference: 145vm

For sale character house Sancoins

Charming mill of the 19th century for sale, an hour from Bourges and Nevers and three hours from...
Price: 249 000 €
Living space: 230 m²
Ground size: 3.3 ha
Nb of rooms: 5
Nb of bedrooms: 3
Reference: 39vm