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Properties for sale : Chateaux - Deux-Sèvres

For sale castle Prahecq

FOR SALE IN POITOU SOLE AGENT Charming chateau built in the late 18th C. on the site of a former...
Price: 995 000 €
Living space: 578 m²
Ground size: 8.26 ha
Nb of rooms: 20
Nb of bedrooms: 11
Reference: 8605PO

For sale castle Niort

FOR SALE IN SOUTH POITOUSOLE AGENT Ancient 15th C. Seigneury consisting of a main logis avec with...
Price: 498 000 €
Living space: 320 m²
Ground size: 1.82 ha
Nb of rooms: 10
Nb of bedrooms: 5
Reference: 14859vm

For sale castle Parthenay

FOR SALE NEAR PARTHENAYSOLE AGENTAttractive estate consisting of a 19th C. Chateau with its...
Price: 636 000 €
Living space: 400 m²
Ground size: 4.84 ha
Nb of rooms: 12
Nb of bedrooms: 8
Reference: 14825vm

For sale castle Niort

FOR SALE 18th C. chateau converted into a charming hotel structure consisting of 33 rooms set in 7...
Price: 3 560 000 €
Living space: 100 m²
Ground size: 7 ha
Nb of rooms: 50
Nb of bedrooms: 33
Reference: 8596PO

For sale castle Niort

FOR SALE IN POITOU Very elegant 13th, 16th and 19th C. listed property. Many architectural...
Price: 2 120 000 €
Living space: 530 m²
Ground size: 6.63 ha
Nb of rooms: 15
Nb of bedrooms: 6
Reference: 8646PO

For sale manoir La Chapelle-Bâton

DEUX-SEVRESThis 16th C. Logis built on a 14th C. basis, offers a living surface of 350 m². The...
Price: 524 700 €
Living space: 350 m²
Ground size: 1.13 ha
Nb of rooms: 7
Nb of bedrooms: 4
Reference: 13573vm

For sale manoir Exireuil

FOR SALE IN POITOU With overlooking views, just 10 min from a town with motorway exit and TGV...
Price: 583 000 €
Living space: 415 m²
Ground size: 5 ha
Nb of rooms: 14
Nb of bedrooms: 10
Reference: 11609vm

For sale castle Niort

FOR SALE IN DEUX-SEVRES19th C. Logis of about 500 m² as living space set in grounds of 2ha...
Price: 742 000 €
Living space: 480 m²
Ground size: 2.45 ha
Nb of rooms: 9
Nb of bedrooms: 6
Reference: 13066vm

For sale manoir Thénezay

FOR SALE BETWEEN POITIERS AND SAUMUR15th and 17th C. renovated Logis of 350 m² as living space...
Price: 365 000 €
Living space: 352 m²
Ground size: 8 677 m²
Nb of rooms: 8
Nb of bedrooms: 5
Reference: 2341vm

For sale manoir Bressuire

FOR SALE NORTH DEUX-SEVRESCharming 14th and 16th C. Logis, of about 500 m² as living space. Ground...
Price: 565 000 €
Living space: 500 m²
Ground size: 4 500 m²
Nb of rooms: 12
Nb of bedrooms: 8
Reference: 13316vm

For sale manoir Champdeniers-Saint-Denis

FOR SALE 25 MIN NORTH-WEST OF NIORT Attractive 17th C. Logis partially restored with period...
Price: 595 700 €
Living space: 438 m²
Ground size: 1.97 ha
Nb of rooms: 12
Nb of bedrooms: 5
Reference: 14474vm