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Properties for sale : Contemporary houses - Puy-de-Dôme

For sale villa Chanat-la-Mouteyre

A 200m² villa designed in the 1960s by the architect Carpentier. This single-floored property...
Price: 485 000 €
Living space: 200 m²
Ground size: 8 000 m²
Nb of rooms: 5
Nb of bedrooms: 3
Reference: 19118AU

For sale villa Saint-Amant-Tallende

At 10 minutes from the south of Clermont-Ferrand, in a quiet and preserved environment, splendid...
Price: 785 000 €
Living space: 280 m²
Ground size: 2 800 m²
Nb of rooms: 9
Nb of bedrooms: 4
Reference: 70391vm

For sale villa Peschadoires

East sector, this house of more than 440 m² including 310 m² of living space is composed of 15...
Price: 450 000 €
Living space: 310 m²
Ground size: 3 000 m²
Nb of rooms: 9
Nb of bedrooms: 4
Reference: 70224vm

For sale villa Bort-l'Étang

30min from Clermont-Ferrand, facing the Livradois, very beautiful villa of approximately 400m² of...
Price: 700 000 €
Living space: 230 m²
Ground size: 3 360 m²
Nb of rooms: 10
Nb of bedrooms: 5
Reference: 70310vm

For sale villa Clermont-Ferrand

Superb project of contemporary villa in a privileged environment, on 1500m² of land. The house...
Price: 850 000 €
Living space: 260 m²
Ground size: 1 500 m²
Nb of rooms: 7
Nb of bedrooms: 4
Reference: 18918AU