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Properties for sale : Chateaux - Centre Loire

For sale manoir Gien

Quiet, near Gien, in a village near the Loire, this listed Renaissance manor house of the...
Price: 590 000 €
Living space: 200 m²
Ground size: 1.05 ha
Nb of rooms: 6
Nb of bedrooms: 3
Reference: 17vm

For sale castle Tours

Exceptional domain of 450ha with 18th renovated and furnished château, 15th manor to renovate,...
Price: 5 670 000 €
Living space: 800 m²
Ground size: 450 ha
Nb of rooms: 29
Nb of bedrooms: 15
Reference: 111vm

For sale manoir Vendôme

At 10 km from Vendôme and 1 hour from Paris, renovated manor house built on old foundations of the...
Price: 452 500 €
Living space: 450 m²
Ground size: 7 ha
Nb of rooms: 11
Nb of bedrooms: 6
Reference: 5vm

For sale castle Briare

18th century chateau of about 500 m2 living space with numerous outbuildings, located on a wooded...
Price: 1 431 000 €
Living space: 500 m²
Ground size: 27 ha
Nb of rooms: 12
Nb of bedrooms: 7
Reference: 61vm

For sale castle Le Blanc

Southern Indre, with panoramic view on the 'Creuse' river, in the Brenne countryside, in the...
Price: 980 000 €
Living space: 510 m²
Ground size: 23.33 ha
Nb of rooms: 15
Nb of bedrooms: 8
Reference: 80vm

For sale manoir Vendôme

Manor house with a living space of 400 m² with its outbuildings located in a park of 12 ha...
Price: 595 000 €
Living space: 400 m²
Ground size: 12 ha
Nb of rooms: 14
Nb of bedrooms: 9
Reference: 13vm

For sale manoir Blois

Authentic Renaissance Manor house of 400 m² in perfect condition with beautiful old features and...
Price: 690 000 €
Living space: 400 m²
Ground size: 4.3 ha
Nb of rooms: 8
Nb of bedrooms: 5
Reference: 79vm

For sale manoir Blois

Listed Art Déco manor house of 1928, of 300 m ² developed, overhanging the valley of the Loire, on...
Price: 848 000 €
Living space: 350 m²
Ground size: 7 500 m²
Nb of rooms: 8
Nb of bedrooms: 4
Reference: 121vm

For sale castle Issoudun

At 20 km from Chateauroux, this former property of Ferdinand de Lesseps is located on a beautiful...
Price: 735 000 €
Living space: 430 m²
Ground size: 19.67 ha
Nb of rooms: 22
Nb of bedrooms: 9
Reference: 45vm

For sale castle Blois

Château of the 18-19th centuries of 750 m² developed divided into 15 main rooms including 8...
Price: 980 000 €
Living space: 750 m²
Ground size: 3.5 ha
Nb of rooms: 15
Nb of bedrooms: 8
Reference: 56vm

For sale castle Issoudun

On the borders of the Indre et Cher, château rebuilt in the 19th on bases 11th, with various...
Price: 736 800 €
Living space: 670 m²
Ground size: 9.73 ha
Nb of rooms: 17
Nb of bedrooms: 11
Reference: 18588

For sale castle Bourges

This château, from the 12-15th centuries is partially classified on the Historic Monuments...
Price: 1 272 000 €
Living space: 1 000 m²
Ground size: 28 ha
Nb of rooms: 15
Nb of bedrooms: 6
Reference: 77vm