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Properties for sale : Pays-Basque - Béarn - Landes

For sale castle Hagetmau

Sole agency. Napoleon III château dating from the late 19th century with beautiful outbuildings in...
Price: 820 000 €
Living space: 350 m²
Ground size: 1 ha
Nb of rooms: 12
Nb of bedrooms: 6
Reference: 64949vm

For sale character house Aire-sur-l'Adour

Exclusively in an exceptional environment, mansion in excellent condition, very beautiful volumes,...
Price: 848 000 €
Living space: 510 m²
Ground size: 3 000 m²
Nb of rooms: 13
Nb of bedrooms: 5
Reference: 64951vm

For sale character house Cambo-les-Bains

In the heart of the valley of the Nive, authentic noble house of the XVth century on park of 2700m...
Price: 795 000 €
Living space: 350 m²
Ground size: 2 700 m²
Nb of rooms: 12
Nb of bedrooms: 9
Reference: VMA2630036092

For sale property Saint-Sever

Private mansion of 1850 on a garden of curé trees and flowers with swimming pool and several...
Price: 580 000 €
Living space: 450 m²
Ground size: 1 455 m²
Nb of rooms: 12
Nb of bedrooms: 8
Reference: 64948vm

For sale character house Larceveau-Arros-Cibits

In a green environment, just bellow the Basque hills, pretty house of character perfectly...
Price: 399 000 €
Living space: 188 m²
Ground size: 2 000 m²
Nb of rooms: 9
Nb of bedrooms: 6
Reference: VMA2630035962

For sale property Pau

At the heart of a park, overlooking the city of Pau and the Pyrenees, beautiful house late...
Price: 2 750 000 €
Living space: 850 m²
Ground size: 3.06 ha
Nb of rooms: 30
Nb of bedrooms: 20
Reference: 64926vm

For sale apartment Bayonne

Luxuriously renovated apartment of a beautiful stone building. With very beautiful volumes and...
Price: 790 000 €
Living space: 180 m²
Ground size: 0 m²
Nb of rooms: 5
Nb of bedrooms: 2
Reference: 64105va

For sale character house Mont-de-Marsan

Very beautiful renovated mansion in the historic heart of the city located on the road to...
Price: 605 000 €
Living space: 500 m²
Ground size: 2 309 m²
Nb of rooms: 12
Nb of bedrooms: 7
Reference: 64924vm

For sale property Pau

19th century mill in a village dating from the 14th century. Well of character of about 340m ²...
Price: 357 000 €
Living space: 340 m²
Ground size: 1.24 ha
Nb of rooms: 10
Nb of bedrooms: 6
Reference: 64952vm

For sale villa Pau

Located on the hillsides of Jurançon, in a quiet environment, this contemporary house has a...
Price: 955 000 €
Living space: 491 m²
Ground size: 1.2 ha
Nb of rooms: 10
Nb of bedrooms: 5
Reference: 64922vm

For sale character house Oloron-Sainte-Marie

On the heights of Oloron Sainte Marie, the property, actually managed in guest house, offers an...
Price: 599 000 €
Living space: 261 m²
Ground size: 900 m²
Nb of rooms: 10
Nb of bedrooms: 8
Reference: 64928vm

For sale property Morlaàs

Close to the city of Pau, elegant manor of the XVIIth century of approximately 300m² with an old...
Price: 850 000 €
Living space: 430 m²
Ground size: 1.5 ha
Nb of rooms: 10
Nb of bedrooms: 5
Reference: 64940vm

For sale character house Morcenx

Beautiful nineteenth century Landes farmhouse of about 330m2, swimming pool, park of 4 hectares....
Price: 764 000 €
Living space: 330 m²
Ground size: 4 ha
Nb of rooms: 7
Nb of bedrooms: 4
Reference: 64953vm