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Properties for sale : Rural - Poitou-Charentes - Vendée

For sale Livestock ownership Châtellerault

FOR SALE 10 KMS EAST OF CHATELLERAULT Beautiful ensemble for this property consisting of a main...
Price: 393 000 €
Living space: 310 m²
Ground size: 16.33 ha
Nb of rooms: 8
Nb of bedrooms: 7
Reference: 8577PO

For sale shooting Lussac-les-Châteaux

SOUTH VIENNE Hunting estate of about 150 hectares with 2 lakes including a 19th C. main house and...
Price: 1 470 000 €
Living space: 400 m²
Ground size: 110 ha
Nb of rooms: 9
Nb of bedrooms: 5
Reference: 13729vm

For sale shooting Le Blanc

FOR SALE IN INDRE Property of 68 hectares in one piece with lake, wood and park. Charming house of...
Price: 980 000 €
Living space: 415 m²
Ground size: 68.16 ha
Nb of rooms: 11
Nb of bedrooms: 5
Reference: 14770vm

For sale shooting Chinon

FOR SALE - This forest estate of 54 free hectares offers a mixing of tree species with a dominant...
Price: 480 000 €
Living space: 1 m²
Ground size: 54.49 ha
Nb of rooms: 0
Nb of bedrooms: 0
Reference: 14499vm