Recently sold properties by Groupe Mercure

Discover a non-exhaustive list of properties recently sold by Groupe Mercure.

Château in Auvergne


 In Auvergne, a listed property, on 20 hectares of land




Château in Ile-de-France


In Ile-de-France, a 19th century Chateau, located on a 3 hectare domain




Château in Charente


 In Charente-Maritime, a listed Château with a formal garden




Property in South West


In South West of France, a property of 650m² with a 2,2 hectare-park



Villa in Midi-Pyrénées


In the Midi-Pyrénées, a villa of 208m² on 1 500m² of land.



Property in Burgandy


In Burgandy, a charming house from the 19th century, on a park of 5 000m².



Apartment in Paris


In the historical district of "Marais", in Paris, an apartment of 184m².



Apartment in Paris


 In Paris, in its 6th arrondissement, a 5-room apartment.




Apartment in Lyon


 In Lyon, an apartment of 284m² with 8 main rooms.




Villa in Toulouse


 In Toulouse, a modern house of 290m² with swimming pool.