Groupe Mercure Magazine 2016

Discover magazine 2016 Groupe Mercure. A selection of the most luxurious and prestigious properties for sale in France.

"When I took over the reins in 1980 of the first Mercure agency created in 1936 in Toulouse, passion was my first motivation. Passion for the beautiful properties and castles, for the countryside and stone buildings, in which I have deep roots.

The second reason for my engagement was the family spirit which inspires me and motivates me to share this great adventure with people close to me, family and friends.

Over the years and opportunities, the Groupe Mercure has grown and developed to become what it is today in 2016: the indispensable partner to all the lovers of heritage throughout France who offers the most comprehensive choice of fine French properties in urban and rural environments.

With over 4 000 castles sold over the last 35 years and always in the respect of our commitment: Experience - Expertise - Exception - Excellency, I am proud to represent a group who celebrates its 80 years of existence.

This great adventure motivates us to pursue the Group’s national and international development for the years ahead, anticipating and closely following this ever-changing world."

Pierre Chassaigne, Président



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