The course of a sale

When the sale of a property, several documents are required, upon signature of the mandate, well informed buyers and for the smooth transaction.

Then, when the sale is made, the move causes some essential steps.

Important documents to be provided in case of sale

  Property Apartment
Title deeds
The cadastral plans  
The planning certificate  
Operating expenses (gas, electricity, fuel, security...)
The property tax
Land tax
The diagnostic technique folder (DDT)
Proof of administrative authorizations - year warranty, when important work was carried out
The administrative authorization for swimming pools  

Plan your move

Subscriptions: take a meter reading and interrupt the telephone line.

Comprehensive Home insurance: do not forget to contact your insurer to be assured from the date of the signing of the deed.

Moving: make an estimate by a licensed professional.

Mail: think about its return.

Taxes: Inform your tax office for the settlement of your taxes.

Education: ask the director of the facility in which your children are in school a 'certificate of radiation' and  then submit it to the future schools.

Town Hall: Think of changing your address on your identity documents.

Bank: Contact your agency to transfer your accounts or report to your new address.