The Home Staging

Positively presenting the property for sale: or how to put in value a property to facilitate a quick sale at the best price.

The technique aims to make as neutral as possible the property in order to please the greatest number of buyers: depersonalization of the decorating, clearing up rooms, minor repairs, new decorations, refreshments, tidying and cleaning are part of Home Staging.

The first impression is crucial: the overall impression to a visitor emerges in the first 3 minutes.

Clutter: buyers are struggling to visualize the volumes they visit if cluttered by furniture or objects.

Depersonalize: too much personal decoration distracts the visitor.

Identify rooms: ensure that the function of each room is identifiable.

Highlight the benefits of the property: in general, it is useful to consider the elements to develop, facilitate their access, clear windows offering beautiful views...

Prepare the 'stage' for the visit: the rooms must be welcoming: open, lit, heated. The proliferation of indirect lighting provides more comfort.

Do not hesitate to make repairs and slight works!