A charm at the tip of the world

It is difficult not to succumb to the charm of Bretagne and not to be seduced by the land arising from the vagaries of water, wind and time. A country proud of its roots, it has preserved customs and traditions. History and legends have spawned an artistic heritage of the first order.

Brittany has 4000 chateaux, manors and country houses built in the middle Ages, the Renaissance and during the following centuries, with 2900 listed as historical monuments, Brittany is the first French region for heritage outside the Ile-de-France. Many Breton castles had as owners or as host famous writers. The French writer François-René de Chateaubriand, for example, spent his childhood in the castle of Combourg.

Brittany is a peninsula, and as such, has a large variety of maritime and coastal environments. On the seaside, it is the reign of the cliffs, harbors, dunes, shingle barriers, mudflats and marshes. There are remarkable inland areas such as bogs and moors and spectacular megalithic monuments. Always present menhirs and dolmens beat Egyptian pyramids by 2500 years!

Saint-MaloSaint-Malo, a city founded in the twelfth century, destroyed during the Second World War, was rebuilt in order to restore its legendary silhouette. Historic city of maritime splendor, it has acquired the essential to become one of the major tourist centers of Brittany and the first port of the north coast. To approach the town, the old walkway offers breathtaking views!

RennesIn Rennes, as throughout the Duchy of Brittany, the permanence of the wood framed construction to mid-seventeenth century extends the medieval tradition beyond the strict confines of the middle ages. Rennes conserves with Dinan and Vannes, Brittanie's oldest examples of civil architecture in timber frame, which characterize the fifteenth to the late sixteenth century through the traditional projecting stories. The restoration of the facades since twenty years has highlighted and placed in value the expertise expressed in the structures, facades, staircases, woodwork ...

La Côte de granit roseCôte de Granit Rose: A geological miracle, the pink granite coast runs 15 km between Trébeurden and Perros-Guirec, landscapes which account for the most amazing in northern Brittany. Enclosed bays and peninsulas battered by the waves, it offers a magical show that further emphasize the changing lights Brittany.