Gastronomy in Auvergne

Auvergne cooking has become popular thanks to its many cafes and restaurants, which can be found throughout France and especially in Paris. Traditionally, the style of cooking is hearty and rustic. Local dishes are rather simply made and they was supposed to feed enough the men who had to face the conditions of hard labor in the mountains.

La charcuterie Auvergne, Gatronomie AuvergneAuvergne is known for the quality of its hams, sausages, pâtés and its pork rillettes. Classic regional dishes often combine the pork with the cabbage and the potatoes, for example, the Auvergne hotpot and cabbage or lentils soup as in the famous salty pork with lentils.

Another specialty of the Haute-Auvergne, the "truffade" which is a potato-based dish, with Salers cheese, seasoned with garlic and salt, and served with lettuce. Often served with country ham, it sometimes drift with cheeses like "tome fraîche" or "cantal". "Truffade" must normally be served "as much as you want" in restaurants, in a still hot saucepan, putting on the middle of the table.

The scents and fragrances of wild mountain herbs and flowers are found in the honeys of the country, aperitifs and herbal teas of the region. Auvergne is known for its sugary tarts and its kinds of clafoutis made with blueberries, prunes, apples and nuts. Also for its "fouace", an Auvergne cake made with crystallized fruits and "bourriols", sugary pancakes made with rye flour.


More details about the Auvergne cheeses

Fromages d'Auvergne Patrimoine Prestige

Five AOC cheeses are made in Auvergne. "Cantal" and "Saint-Nectaire" are the oldest and perhaps the well-known. We can find different varieties of "Cantal" according to their ripeness. "Salers" is a more well-seasoned version of "Cantal". "Saint-Nectaire" is a semi-dry cheese with a purple/gray skin. "Fourme d'Ambert" is a mild and creamy blue cheese while the "Bleu d'Auvergne" is stronger and has a crumbly texture.

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