Nature and intact feelings

A Paradise for nature lovers, Limousin encourages you to discover natural sites. Country charm, wooded, hilly, crisscrossed by clear rivers, authentic countryside encourages the discovery of breathtaking scenery and peaceful medieval villages without forgetting the granite Romanesque churches.

PorcelainHaute-Vienne will lead you between the past and the future, tradition and modernity. Its towns and villages all keep a secret, a story, a trace of a woman's life or a remarkable man.
Limoges, the capital city of the arts of fire, inheriting the 'savoir faire' in porcelain and enamel, pulsates with activity always renewed.

AllassacCorrèze enchants you. You'll love its landscapes straight out of a photo album, its emphasis on local people with singing accents and picturesque villages, Collonges-la-Rouge, Turenne, Aubazine Pompadour. You will discover with joy its various cities, Brive-la-Gaillarde, Tulle, Ussel.

The Creuse is unique. She is an artist, from Crozant and its valley of painters to Aubusson and its tapestries. It is hospitable, with its lake Vassivière and contemporary museum, and its tower Bourganeuf Zizim used at onetime for the exile of an Ottoman prince. She is beautiful and rebellious, from the harshness of its stones to the infinite green shades of its nature.