A multi faceted region

Full of contrast the area of Pas de Calais offers both a festive and convivial atmosphere and a wealth of heritage. Definitely an area to discover!

In the North Pas de Calais, Lille has a Flamish influence. In Dunkerque, the Lenghenaer Tower and the Beffroy are embems of the region. Arras has its cathedral and its superb baroque square, l'Abbaye Saint Vaast and the city fortification of Vauban. There is also the Boulonnais with its beaches, its art and history town and its natural park.

Aerial view of the city of LilleLille now ranks as France's 4th biggest city at an international cross-road with a dynamic business center. The old town of Lille with its grand square and Town Hall, the church of St Maurice and General de Gaulle square make the town an historic and artistic center. This is a first class tourist « spot » which is well known for its friendliness and preserved heritage as well as for its cultural richness.

The Opale coast, between Calais and Berck sur mer has 120 kms of beaches, dunes and cliffs. There is a legendary connection between the landscape local people and the sea. It is full of contrasts between the green pastures ant the beautiful grey of the waves.