Pays de la Loire

Richness and diversity

The great west offers a remarkable richness in heritage, architectural, historical and a unique diversity of landscapes and land shaped during centuries.

The Loire is in itself a testament to the richness and diversity of preserved landscapes, beyond the walls, hedges, banks or paths appear castles, manors known or hidden deep in their green refuge, a source of life, it houses the authenticity of people and nature, and invites everyone to its discovery.

NantesNantes, a city with exceptional architectural heritage renowned gastronomy and is distinguished by its quality of life and its environment. Ancient capital of Brittany, now the capital of the Pays-de-la-Loire, Nantes is located in the center of a city of over 500,000 inhabitants, which is Saint-Nazaire metropolis of western France. A notable sight is the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, castle and royal residence (XV-XVIII centuries) built under Francis II, Duke of Brittany and her daughter Anne, Queen of France from 1491 to 1514. The castle now houses a museum whose collections evoke both the history of the city but also the arts and traditions of the Nantes region and Breton history.

The Loire Valley is a part of the history of France with the royal dynasties of Valois and Bourbons, but also the concentration of the Arts, part of the French Renaissance, receiving an average of 4 million visitors from around the world.

With a coastline of 450 km, the Pays de la Loire delights the wild landscape lovers. Inland, the region charms walkers and architecture enthusiasts with the royal river banks, the megalithic heritage, the historical monuments and the cities steeped in history and art.  During your walks, you can discover the local specialties thanks to the cooking made with good products. From cooked meats to fruits and vegetables through the cheese and wine, you will discover all the local specialties. Due to the closeness of the ocean and to a low mountainous area, the climate of the Loire-Atlantique is oceanic, and changes a little from one place to another in the same department, except for the South West area.