A territory open to the world

Rhone-Alps, the 2nd French region, at the scale of a large european region and an international role in the heart of the alpine arc. A privileged interface between Southern and Northern Europe. Bordering Switzerland and Northern Italy, the region is open to Alpine Europe.

Aerial view of the city of LyonLyon, on the banks of the Rhone and the Saone, between the hills of the Fourviere and that of the Croix Rousse, is at the heart of a touristic region, close to the Alps, at the crossroads of wines, 'grands crus', between Beaujolais and the Cotes du Rhone, and the flavors of Southern Ardeche and Drome Provencale.

Lyon, reflects the different periods of time, and tells the history of this town listed by the World Patrimony of Humanity.

A stroll in the centre of old Lyon is a walk through 20 centuries of history. From Antique Rome when leaving Fourviere, or the Renaissance : with the ancient cloisters of Saint Jean and Saint Just or with those typical Italian style houses in the local streets. The Cathedral St-Jean (1180-1440), a gothic edifice raised from a roman aspect, is the most major religious building in the town.

Alps, mountains and skiingIn Savoie, the trekking paths wind their way above the lakes of Bourget, Leman, Annecy, turning around the mythical Mont-Blanc, crossing one of the 9 natural reserves or the oldest out Frances 7 National Parks: The Vanoise.
In winter, family skiing, new sliding sensations, largest skiable domains, charming villages, the choice is endless.