Actors in a renovation

You have just bought a character property that you wish to restore, perhaps one that is listed or classed as an Historic Monument. Who should you contact to ensure that the restoration is done correctly according to the rule book?

As part of a renovation of a historic monument:

The Regional Conservator of Historic Monuments

The Regional Conservator of Historic Monuments (CRMH) to the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) concerning  restoration, he elaborates on technical, legal and financial aspects, programs work on historic monuments and is responsible for conducting and control of these operations in conjunction with the chief architects of historical monuments, architectural buildings of France, the curators of historic monuments and the curators of antiquities and art objects.

The Chief Architects of Historic Monuments

The Chief Architects of Historic Monuments (ACMH) are graduated architects who choose a point in their careers to specialize in the conservation, restoration and reutilisation of the architectural heritage. They perform their duties in the department (area in France) that they have been assigned. After additional training and a diploma of specialization and further study (DSA) marked «architecture and heritage» issued by the Study Centre (Centre des hautes études) of Chaillot in Paris, or equivalent training, they are selected by the French government in a selection process. The national list of active ACMH is available on the website:

The Architects of Heritage (AP)

Graduates of the Centre des hautes études of Chaillot, they specialize in the restoration and conservation of historic monuments. You can find their list on the site directory:

The Architects of Batiments de France (ABF)

ABF are civil service architects officially belonging to the Service Departmental Architecture and Heritage (SDAP). These are privileged interlocutors in the defense of historical monuments and their surroundings, they provide advice on building permits or prior statements of work. For a list, it is best to approach the SDAP of the region.

The specialised craftsmen

The architects and our partners, «la Demeure Historique», «les Vieilles Maisons Françaises», «French Heritage Society,» «le Conservatoire de la Chanterie» or «EPV» will guide you efficiently to make the most appropriate choices.

As part of a renovation of a non listed building or non registered historical monument:

The Architect

Operates on the construction, rehabilitation, adaptation of  landscapes, public or private buildings, for residential use, professional, industrial, commercial, etc ... His/her assistance is required to establish the architectural project that is the subject of an application for a building permit (except for exemptions to Article 4 of the Law on the architecture). The architect meets the expectations of each client, ensuring the respect of the general interest. You can find a list of architects on the site of the Order of Architects

Craftsman or Craftsmens Company

The craftsman is selected on his/her reputation, references, past history or its seal of approval (EPV, Qualibat, MH ... ) evidence of peer recognition and ability to follow the rules of the restoration of buildings.

Although often the word of mouth is an excellent way of recommendation, partners such as the «Conservatoire de la Chanterie»,  «Maisons Paysannes de France» or «EPV» representing privileged interlocutors who will know how to guide you in your research.

It may also be interesting to turn to recognized organizations that can effectively advise you in the choice of craftsmen:

- The Confederation of Crafts and Small Business Building 


- The National Confederation of Crafts, Trades and Services


- ECO Artisan ® approach: answers to the challenges of controlling energy efficiency in buildings:

- Qualibat: The certificate QUALIBAT guarantees the professionalism of the directors, technical expertise of the company sector by sector in the field of construction. It ensures that the company has many human and technical resources necessary to carry out your work:

These lists are of course not exhaustive but are a solid and reliable base that will allow any owner wishing to work on their property to be guided quickly and efficiently.

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