Grand Est

The Grand Est is a French administrative region resulting from the merger of the former Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne regions.

The Groupe Mercure is located in Champagne Ardenne, representing the root and identity of France.

Reims witnessed the baptism of Clovis, while Charleville and Sedan resisted invasions... French history was indeed forged in these memorable places and they still symbolise a country that sparkles today.
To the east of the region, the Ardennes forest and Argonne plateaus are teaming with wild boar, the emblem of the Ardennes.
The mysterious Meuse valley and the picturesque Semoy river attract visitors on river cruises and canoes.
From the south to the north-east of the region, diverse plains, hills, rivers and forests provide opportunities for walking and hiking.

The Reims mountain, the Epernay hills and the Marne valley bear the roots of Champagne vines, an ambassador for luxury, celebrations and joie de vivre: this land has produced a unique wine that the whole world envies.
Nowadays, champagne is made from nearly 33,000 hectares of vineyards, by 15,000 wine growers, 150 cooperatives and over 200 merchants known as Champagne Houses.

On the borders of the Ardennes, the castle of Sedan – located on the headland on the banks of the Meuse river – symbolises resistance to invasions.
It is the largest fortress of medieval origin in Europe, covering an area of 35,000 m² over seven floors and has walls over 7 m wide. Sedan castle is now a major tourist attraction in the Ardennes.

Aerial view of the MeuseOld house in Grand Est region

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Groupe Mercure Champagne-Ardenne

51000 Châlons-en-Champagne
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Hotel particulier

Hotel particulier

Neufchâteau (88)
600 m²
13 rooms
6 bedrooms
6 bathrooms
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Les Granges (10)
1,375 m²
28 rooms
23 bedrooms
0 bathrooms
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Chaumont (52)
750 m²
20 rooms
13 bedrooms
5 bathrooms