The Great East region is both influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and the continental climate , with a very strong annual amplitude. Rain is quite common. Winters tend to be cold, vivid and cloudless with average temperatures around 6 ° C. Summer months tend to be hot and relatively dry with average daily temperatures of 25 ° C.

The Vosges massif and the Alsatian Jura have a climate influenced by mountains.
The western part of Champagne is subject to a degraded oceanic climate, while its part is known as a semi-continental climate. It is in this transition zone that the vineyards of Champagne , the northernmost of France, have developed. The climate of the rest of the region is also of the semi-continental type. This is the case for the Lorraine furrow , for the north of the plain of Alsace and for the southern part of the latter located opposite the gap of Belfort.
The center of the plain of Alsace , located between the Vosges in the west and the Black Forest in the east, is also located in the semi-continental climatic zone but it is subjected to the effect of foehn which makes its particular climate
The relief accentuates the precipitations. To the east , the Ardennais massif, Argonne and Haute-Marne are very well watered with, some winters, heavy snowfall.

To the west , from Reims to Troyes, the rainfall is comparable to that of the Ile-de-France. The plateaus of Rocroi and Langres are the highest points of the region and therefore the coldest.Pluviometry in the region Grand EstTemperature in the region Grand Est

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