How to better sell your property

The sale of a property is sometimes the result of a difficult decision and can sometimes result in the purchase of another property or other investment. So that this takes place in optimal conditions, three steps are essential: a good estimation, diagnostics, and valorisation. In all these steps, the real estate agent has the necessary skills to guide and assist the owners in their efforts as sellers.

Sell through a real estate agent

  • The guarantee of a professional: the profession of a real estate agent is governed by the law of 2 January 1970 Hoguet that will create a true legal status of real estate professionals. The law states that he/she is an intermediary authorized by the owner of a property to find a tenant or buyer, and that only holders of the professional card are entitled to exercise the profession of an estate agent. Issued by the county council for a period of ten years, renewable, this card specifies the scope of the holder (transactions, property management ...). To achieve this, an agent must provide proof of professional proficiency, validated by a degree or significant experience. He/she must also provide a certificate of financial guarantee for the current year and insurance against the financial consequences of professional liability.
  • An expert who will make a fair assessment of the property: the evaluation of a character property (castles, manor, farmhouse ...) is often difficult: on what market value is it based in the case of property generally difficult to compare with each other? Especially since the character real estate is an area where you must remain neutral to the emotional value of property ... Only real estate agents, experts in their professional and personal experience, their training, their presence on the ground are able to appreciate the value of the property entrusted to them for sale and to determine a fair price. They have a clear understanding and apply current market prices One does not assess a property on simple measurements or trying to compare with other properties that little is known about. Many other parameters have to be taken into account and only the real estate agent will take the necessary overview for an accurate assessment of the property that will complete a sale in a minimum of time.
  • A clear legal and professional framework: to entrust the sale of a property to a real estate agent the signature of a mandate is required: the mandate of sale is a contract by which the client entrusts the real estate agent, in return of a fee, to search for a buyer for the property he wants to sell: the real estate agent can only intervene in a transaction if he holds this document authorizing him/her to conduct all commercial actions (display, advertising...)

As part of its mandate, the real estate agent must implement all the means at their disposal to fulfill its mission and meet requests of the seller. It prepares the description of the advert, takes quality photos, is responsible for the diffusion of the property on the appropriate communications medias (display, websites, general and specialized press...) and offers the property to selected and targeted buyers. At the time of sale, the real estate agent is in charge of compiling the files and coordinating with a notary in the signing of the agreement and deed. Knowing that it is easier to negotiate with an intermediary whose only interest is to allow each party to be a winner, all these steps will be appreciable to the owner seller and a considerable time saver.

Perform required diagnostics

During a sale, multiple diagnoses, reports or statements attached in a folder ‘dossier diagnostic technique’ (DDT) must be provided by the seller. The DDT is annexed to the sales agreement or by default to the sales contract. This allows the seller to be exempt from the warranty against hidden defects and avoid litigation. Most of these documents must be prepared by certified professionals, meeting the criteria of competence and having an insurance covering the consequences for their actions a commitment to civil liability. The main diagnoses relate to asbestos, lead, termites, gas, energy performance, natural and technological risks and evaluation of electrical installments.
Positively presenting the property for sale: or how to put in value a property to facilitate a quick sale at the best price. The technique aims to make as neutral as possible the property in order to please the greatest number of buyers: depersonalization of the decorating, clearing up rooms, minor repairs, new decorations, refreshments, tidying and cleaning are part of Home Staging.


Documents to be provided in case of sale:

- Title deeds
- The cadastral plans
- The planning certificate
- Operating expenses (gas, electricity, fuel, security...)
- The property tax
- Land tax
- The diagnostic technique folder (DDT)
- Proof of administrative authorizations - year warranty, when important work was carried out
- The administrative authorization for swimming pools
- Plans