Groupe Mercure: the 4E


Founded in 1936, the first Groupe Mercure agency, bought in 1980 by Pierre Chassaigne, the Président, was the foundation stone of the Group's structure as it exists today with its roots, reputation and notoriety in character and prestige real estate.
If more than 40,000 people have trusted us, it's no coincidence. Our clients appreciate our know-how, our know-how-to-be and our expertise that allows them to reach their dream.
In more than 80 years, we have become the essential partner of all people who love our heritage throughout urban and rural France. We have the most comprehensive range of prestigious and character property.
Olivier de Chabot-Tramecourt has taken up office as our new Managing Director. Because the world is changing and our customers are evolving, we will carry on integrating new technologies into our methods and tools: new developments turned towards modernity, taking on board societal changes, respecting our values ​​and traditions, but totally focused on excellence and success.


With experts in 90 French departments, Groupe Mercure is committed to its customers, to guarantee objective and realistic price assessments. Our 20 branches are run by quality men and women, with a perfect knowledge of the local land and property real estate market. Each one of them brings their set of skills on agricultural, land, forestry or legal fields.
For our sellers, this is the assurance of a quick sale of their property, especially with a sole agency mandate with Groupe Mercure, as it has been selected and evaluated at a fair price by our experts.
For our buyers, it is the guarantee of a serene purchase at the right price given the location of the property, its assets and its services.
Nearly 2,000 rural and urban prestigious properties like castles, country estates, charming homes or contemporary houses are selected by Groupe Mercure experts throughout France.


"S'offrir l'exception", our signature, represents the unique strength of Groupe Mercure: the ability to select and propose exceptional properties.
A selection based first and foremost on the location: a home is exceptional if its address is prestigious. It can be a terrace facing the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a dwelling on the water front near Cannes...
Exception is also the property’s intrinsic nature which will trigger an emotion, a heart-stopper: unusual volumes, preserved period features, an architecture designed by a famous architect. The new owner will feel an irresistible desire to acquire a rare and unique property.
Our French and international clientele turns to Groupe Mercure because we know how to find and highlight these gems of our heritage. Their buyers will be able to enjoy the famous "French Way of life" that the whole world envies us.
The acquisition of an exceptional property is often the culmination of a passion… A sensible passion thanks to our expertise.


The quest for excellence is our driving force within Groupe Mercure.
Excellence of our services comes first. Why have we been trusted by so many customers for so many years? The explanation is simple: in the jungle of real estate agencies burgeoning everywhere, Groupe Mercure continues to stand out thanks to the quality of our customer service. Customers, sellers or buyers, French or foreign, are first listened to and understood. We will guide and accompany them throughout their approach to enable them to carry out, in all serenity, their transaction. This excellence also lies in the choice of our partners for heritage protection and its restoration.
Confidentiality and discretion are also part of the service, like the one provided by a large couture house or the world's best hotels. We strive to meet the most demanding expectations of the clients who expect to receive the very best service.